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As the debates start to pick-up and if the questions are consistent with the past, what would you like to ask one of the nominees? If you were chosen to handle an interview, what would be your interest? For example, I like Ron Paul on a number of issues. From what I know of him, he seems to avoid the scandal light, which is a positive thing to me. I think he personally supports many social issues that I support. However, I think his reasoning on some things is flawed. For example, I like that he is pro-life. He is pretty vocal about and has proven so with his actions. I also know that he is a supporter of states’ rights. I also like this idea because it seems to support the principle of subsidiary, meaning there is at least one other organization that separates the human person from our central government. However, I have issue if he thinks that each state should be able to decide if a child in the womb is a person deserving of rights.

My question, if I had the opportunity, would be “Congressman Paul, given your pro-life convictions, do you think legalized abortion is a state rights issue?” My follow up would be, “If so, why is a person’s right to life subservient to the right of a state?”

Given the opportunity, which candidate would you ask and what question would you choose?