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The other day, I spent about 20 minutes reading. In those twenty sets of sixty seconds, I read all of three paragraphs. I would read a sentence, rummage the words over in my mind and this led to another thought. Anyways, here is a quote I gathered from Christopher Dawson in Dynamics of World History:

"The future is not with the giant hive of cosmopolitan industry but rather with the medium-sized city of 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants which possesses a high industrial development but which is also a true centre to the rural districts in which it is placed."

Size matters in somethings as can be researched in different behavioral studies. There is the Rule of 150 and Gore-Tex follows this as closely as possible. Fast Company reported, “So Bill Gore...organized the company as though it were a bunch of small task forces. To promote this idea, he limited the size of teams -- keeping even the manufacturing facilities to 150 to 200 people at most. That's small enough so that people can get to know one another and what everyone is working on, and who has the skills and knowledge they might tap to get something accomplished -- whether it's creating an innovative product or handling the everyday challenges of running a business.”

Dawson was writing about century ago and looking around today I can see his reasoning. Human person appropriate size matters.

Sometimes, you find a city that is just big enough and just small enough. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you find Victoria.