Find out when you read “The Man Who Was Thursday” by Chesterton. It is one of his classics and won’t take long.

“apostle to the slaves, slave to the slaves, slave of the blacks”

“We must speak to them with our hands before we try to speak to them with our lips." Convicting. During the slave trading days, this man would evangelize. His actions speak volumes. If the world thought slaves were property like animals that could be bought and sold, then the world would not baptize them. However, this priest would which shows that this lonely voice was crying in the wilderness that what the world called slaves, he knew to be human persons worthy of love.

Listening to a child

My daughter is now in first grade, it is so wonderful to hear her reading sentences and books with very little help. It is a parental treat to see a child read a book, struggle to sound out words, and then take a few seconds to “get it.”

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.