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“We can fix anything.” As a customer, or even costumer, this was the best news for this little project.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this cap. It was a $40 cap, which was too much for my wallet. I found it months later on sale for $6.99. Jack-pot I thought. I had my son and daughter with me while we were out and about and I saw the cap, put it on, and asked my 6 year old girl, “How does this cap look?” This wasn’t one of those ball caps that all look the same except for a label. I call it the “Castro” style for lack of fashion terminology knowledge. “Gianni” is a super cool name, but a Versace I am not. Heck, my six year old is my fashion police when my wife is not around.

This head cover came with a limited use apparently. After three hours, the button snap broke. I am not one to just throw away a flawed product. I knew I needed a replacement button and my usual hardware store would not carry this item. I needed a hardware store geared to the other sex. Although Hancock Fabrics has plenty of software, it is really a hardware store. They carry snaps, rivets, pliers, squares, hammers, all the things Texas Tool and Hardware carries but for cloth projects. The attitude I received from the costumer service lady was exactly like the kind I find when I walk into a hardware store. This lady who helped me is the “Greg” of the tool world.

She spent fifteen minutes offering her professional help and advice on something so small as a button snap. I know it sounds like a small task, but it was a little more complicated than just a button, it had to perform a tightening function too. However, instead of just saying “We don’t carry those thing-a-ma-bobs” she looked over the problem and solved the puzzle using something different. Those fifteen minutes, turned a customer into a dedicated client. Although, admittedly, I am not the usual suspect to show up in fabric stores, Hancock will be my first stop for any of my needs in the future.

By the way, I know what you are thinking. “Jared, as a guy, I would never go into a fabric store. If Academy doesn’t have something to fix it, then it doesn’t need fixing.” Yea, I know. Did I say I was the only male in the entire store? When a man walks into a girlie shop, it is like a woman strolling up to a gun shop counter; she gets special attention because she is not the normal client.

p.s. I don’t normally do birthday announcements and I don’t give cakes away. Being a Czech guy, I think I would give kolaches. Anyways, a special birthday announcement goes to D. All three of my children are from my wife and me, but D is known by my princess as her “second-mom” which no doubt is a great compliment to Auntie D, but mighty confusing to those who are introduced to her by my daughter. D, you can only be 21 again so many times; enjoy your 22nd again! By the way, if you are reading, I picked out the card, hahaha.