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Would you rather be 1 in a 1000 or like 1 in 10 when looking for a job? Social media is here and more than likely will be staying. I know Facebook is big here in Victoria and if you are not on it, you may want to start to think about it. Why? Well, it is quite possible you know someone that is hiring.

Given the percentage of small businesses here in the states and that many small businesses look to hire someone they know or referenced by someone they know, Facebook seems to be a good place find a job and more than likely in your local area if your friends are located here. I have seen a few posts by my facebook friends that mention their company or the company they work for is looking to fill a position. Sometimes going online to look for work is a good practice and social sites may be better than other job sites.

Have you seen any job opportunities available on social media? Which social networking site was it?