VOCs on the vertical floors

There are plenty of schools now that are following the advice written by Meredith Byrd in today’s Advocate. If certain paints create fumes that cause headaches, it seems reasonable that schools would desire the use of a product that minimizes this effect. In this case, what is good for the home is good for a school is also good business sense. Sick employees produce less and are gone more often. The small higher cost of things like paint, different choice of carpet, and clean air filters can help make a decent return on the investment by creating a more human workplace. Ms. Byrd also talks about her childhood and colorful walls, do kids these days like color? This kid does. Guess what my daughter's favorite color is.


Answered prayers

The rain shower this morning was great. Gratitude.

Garden variety Catholic

No, I don’t mean picking and choosing main tenets like it is going through catalogue or wine tasting. I ran across this article in US Catholic, by far not my first choice of Catholic magazines, but this one was interesting. Agriculture has consistently been important in Catholic cultures. A little example of this is praying for rain. Treating the environment bad is often related to treating people bad. Tolkien also testifies to this in the trilogy. Notice the organic and natural relationship of the hobbits to the Shire. Recall the Ents marched to battle Saruman. Anyways, the CSA idea sounds interesting.

One week

until dove season. Time to prepare my 12 gauge, pull out the vests, and gather my shells. I will leave some flying don’t worry. Whereas I really enjoy the hunt, I am a horrible shot.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.