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Inspired by an Inc. article listing their “Best Leadership Books of All Time,” I decided to offer my own. Inc.’s list has a few novel type books, which are great and I will offer my own sub-creation recommendation. Many great ideas in leadership are found in the lives of characters.

My top four leadership must-reads specific to leadership itself. Here is the list:

1) “Leadership is an Art” by Max Depree

2) “Virtuous Leadership” by Alexandre Havard

3) “Leadership: Theory and Practice” by Peter Northouse

4) “Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies” by Ed. by Robert J. House, et al.

Outside of management theory, one book stands out for management practices and this “First Break all the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

For my leadership sub-creation recommendation, I don’t think you can go wrong Tolkien. The examples of Frodo, Aragorn, and Gandalf offer much to reflect on and imitate.

What would you recommend to a student or apprentice? What author of novels, etc. grasps the ideas of leadership best?