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Middle of road

No, not being socially conservative but fiscally progressive. Nor is it “Personally opposed but don’t think I should push morals on others” and whatever the hell that means. I have seen people two bicyclers riding in the middle of the road, using the turning lane as their personal HOV lane. “See those sidewalks over there? Yeah, those just 20 feet away. Use them before I have to start praying for your soul too.”

An itch

Don’t scratch an itch on your ankle while running on a treadmill. Although it was a disaster, I played it off well. Thankfully, other than the guy next to me, nobody saw a thing.

Hanging out of your rear-end

I haven’t seen it in a couple of years, but I saw that fake hand slammed in the trunk of the car the other day. Somebody went to Spencer’s recently. Tackiness is also becoming ridiculously popular those other things trucks are hanging. Yeah, it was funny with the first truck, maybe second, but after that it just gets silly.

Writing books

If you plan on running for president one day, you have to read other books besides just your opponents’. Last night’s debate sounded like a book club meeting. Trust me, I love books, but let’s debate next time. Why even call it a debate anymore? Why not “Nominee awareness program” or “Answer a question about your plan with ‘Obama’s plan ain’t working…’ or ‘Tell everyone again ‘When I was senator…’’” My recommendation: for debates, everyone needs to sound like Ron Paul in how they answer questions except for the last question of the debate. The final question has been charisma questions so answer it with a joke or wit, smile, and make your eyes sparkle for the camera.

Leadership thought of the day:

Mediocrity is not a leadership quality. It is also not a followership characteristic.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.