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Fast Company's Co.Design blog mentioned a pretty cool idea regarding vacant lots.

Due to the recession, there are plenty of major projects that were planned but placed on hold. These would range from huge developments in housing to the small mom and pop restaurants. Like most down turns, human innovation comes up with some interesting ideas to solve supply and demand. Ok, so the mega-mall may decide to skip on the investment, the big box is cutting back expansion, price of imports climbs due to energy costs, and the local tribe is left with a piece of unproductive property that was originally spotted for development.

Does that mean that demand here has decreased? Maybe, but maybe not. That vacant lot could now house something as simple as a remodeled freight or storage car, set up with some cool Texan taps, invite a local band to play outside, give it an interesting name and brand, and you have a temporary beer garden to fill a beercologist’s desire until the market demands a more permanent structure.

Don't waste your time, "beercologist" is a made up word as far as I know. I do it pretty often. Jared's Dictionary of New and Exciting Words has this for the entry:

beercologist: n. person known to frequent area that good beer is sold with an outdoor setting for conversation, mirth, and great times.