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Blessed are the pacemakers

If on a diet, I highly recommend salsa. Although my ketchup intake has decreased, I am all but drinking salsa. I know I can blend it, so it might become my new V8 type drink too. My latest healthy sensation is steak sliced over salad with jalapeños, re-fried fat free black beans, and tons of salsa.

Blessed are those in the morn

New school year, new practices. Last year, we were in the habit of doing homework in the morning. This year, we are getting school stuff done in the evening. The amount of less stress is tremendous which gives me time to get a few things done before work.

“Blessed are the meek…

…for they shall inherit the land.” Why meek? Because it is related to the “humble.” The humble are known to be bent down towards the earth. It is why Catholics genuflect in front of the tabernacle. The meek, bowing and humble, take a similar posture to those that work the land like the farmer. Working the land, he inherits its produce.

Woe to you chorizo…and egg!

If I don’t stop having my Friday breakfast tacos, then all the eating well will be for naught. So.Hard.To.Resist.Friday.Taco.Day.

Family and Friends

Enjoy them.