Those two 20th century evils, communism and nationalism, replaced the virtue of patriotism and solidarity. Those two evils, both sprouting from the same forbidden fruit of pride whose temptation goes back to tree that was to be rejected, replace the Idea with ideology. It is quite simple to be sure. “I don’t see, hear, touch, taste, or measure God and that being the case he must not exist or I must conclude ‘I can’t know’” is a short step to realizing that “I” must be god and so can make up all the rules for me.

Those rules soon become ideology that forces entire peoples to slavery of communism or nationalism under the power grab of the godless heroes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. Like those backwoods, non-evolved, stupid, intellectually challenged God-fearing people who offer their own sacrifice to rend their hearts, those tyrants rend the lives of people. The splitting of flesh and blood must be accomplished and will be done, either in the name of the Living God or in the name of Moloch. One spills His own blood so that another may live, the other spills another’s blood so he may live. But regardless of which, blood must be spilt. The purification of Jews in Germany required their blood be drained and offered as sacrifice to the gods of Germany. The communization of classes must have the payment of the liquid of life and the deposit must be made to the gods of the State.

Yes, evolved man of the 20th century has grown in technology, science, and medicine of which create the false idol and trinity of hubris. Evolved man has quickly learned to manipulate life, provide pseudo-science, and end life. This evolved man of modernity and post-modernity falls into the same trap of another god from a different time, Xerxes. The trap of hubris, the same trap that was sprung in that earlier garden, the same failed test of Brutus, Cassius, and Judas, must have its own blood to continue its death.

But there is hope. Unlike the Skywalker, He was not the last hope. This hope always was, is, and will be. This person gives rather than takes, sheds his own blood rather than demands your own, creates life never to be destroyed, like love itself he wants your free assent not forced conversion, rejects isolation and grants community.

This Friday, the remembrance of the worst day in history, is changed to be Good. It is the victory of a different tree that was planted in a different garden, a garden of skulls so to drive home the point that death has no more power. Sure give Him wine, that last gesture spoken by godlessness and doubt. Sure He gives the wine, but only after He breathes His last because He demands new wine skin for a new covenant. The new covenant is based on a new law. Yes man has evolved. The evolution of mankind took place in the center of the world 2000 years and was lifted up like a serpent on a stick. Man’s evolution is that knowledge of love, that dangerous and risky adventure that swoons the heart, and seeks to sacrifice your own life for that of another rather than steal your neighbors life so that you can enslave yourself.

This Friday is a day to remember. It is the victory of another tree. To uncover what our parents covered in shame, to unhide what Adam and Eve tried to hide, climbing this tree brings us closer to Him that created everything ex nihilo, to be in free communion with Him and kick the isolation and despair of nihilism to the curb once and for all.

“Recordare sanctae cruces, qui perfectam viam ducis.”