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Crack. Bruise. Swell. Pain. Tear. Motrin.

If I had a word cloud over my head, these are the words you would see. Sometime during the 12.5 miles over at Brackenridge Main Event Center and park grounds, I must have landed wrong. Of course, I could tell nothing of it considering I was numb from the waist down starting in mile 1.5 due to the Artic Enema.

Over the past few days, my body is telling me, “You know Jared, it is time to get a recliner with beer can holders. Do they make Tough Mudders that you can conquer while riding in a motorized recliner with beer can holders?” My reason tells my body, “Naaa, that was great fun though intensely grueling.”

My foot is screaming louder that the rest of my body parts. As far as I know, I think I won first place. I didn’t get a ribbon but did have to pay for the recognition. I was first to make it to Twin Fountains according to the weigh in judge and I may have convinced another to try the Dallas or Austin Tough Mudder. By the way, Victoria has some of the best walk-in clinics. Each place I have been to has treated me with exceptional care.

The prognosis is good, nothing broken. The prescription: lay off the foot and take pain reliever as needed. Is it worth it? Was all that grueling, shocking, cold, wet, muddy, death-defying, scary, jumping, climbing, running, wading, gulping Lake Texana, hole dodging, scraping, face planting, shivering, hypothermifying, and scandalized-mind-due-to-seeing-men-in-thongs-run-and-jump worth it? My answer after five days is “Oh yea.”