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Life has much to be thankful for, what are some good things you are grateful for in the recent past? I have a couple of simple ones.

My foot hurting reminds me that 1000s of years ago I would probably not survive given that speed and running were part of both food gathering and flight from danger, so I am thankful for living in a time period that I need not worry about either.

Secondly, I can wear pink ribbons. (Update: Sadly, it sounds like I won't be doing this.)

Thirdly, it is father/daughter date breakfast tomorrow. We started the tradition a few months ago and it is something I look forward to each month.

Fourthly, bacon. Enough said.

Fifthly, my son knew his spelling words this morning.

Sixthly, though mischievous, my youngest has a sense of humor.

Seventhly, while a dear friend goes through a tough time, I am grateful for this person’s sacrifice, struggle, and friendship.

Eighthly, my wife continues to unravel like a mystery as I learn and love more and more about her. The human person is such an incredible creature, I need and want a lifetime and still will not come close to understanding her all.

Friends and Family.

Enjoy them.