76 mm

The best 3” X 3” ever discovered is the Post-It Note. Art Fry with 3M invented it in the early 1980s and it has stuck around for 30 years!

Style, Sex, and Substance”

can be found here. If you pre-order and send the author a note, you will be enrolled in a drawing to win a new Kindle Touch. Her blog is here with details. Anyways, a few months ago I mentioned her husband in a Friday post. Here it is, a former ska/punk lead singer and the song he sung for Jabberjaw.

Leadership to use

Remember I graduated with a master’s in organizational leadership? Well, as if part of a New Year resolution, I finally hung up the paper. And to put my thoughts and words to another use, I have started to blog over at Ignitum Today, a Catholic Generation X/Y blog. Here is my latest piece on leadership and courage.

Baseball in the cold

Last night was tryout for Little League. It was good fun and I had some good conversation with friends. I found out that a high school alumni of STJ has the making of a little farm. I have to admit I am quite jealous. It reminds me of Rod Dreher’s "Crunchy Cons" and probably will remind me of his new book coming out (or so I have heard) called “The Benedict Option.” I have no idea is this alumni would agree with “The Benedict Option” of other writings of Dreher, so I just saying it reminded me of it. Here is alittle taste of Dreher, “Walker Percy once wrote of the modern novelist’s sense that ‘the happy exurb stands both in danger of catastrophe and somehow in need of it.’ Sometimes, it takes a catastrophe to make us come to ourselves, to see the world in a new and more truthful way. The political catastrophe the Republicans are living through, and the far more consequential cultural catastrophe we’re all enduring, obviously call for fresh political and economic thinking. But even more, they call for a renewal of our moral and spiritual vision. We have to learn to retreat from the passions of the moment, making use of this gift of catastrophe to enter into contemplation and draw once again “from the moral and spiritual depths” (Ryn) of the sound of church bells calling the faithful to evening prayer, the cattle lowing in the fields, the cold beer on the village square in the twilight of a world that, as Russell Kirk said, ‘remains sunlit despite its vices.’” from an older article at the American Conservative.

Books I am currently reading, in case you wanted to know.

“Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt

“Christianity and Democracy, and the Rights of Man and Natural Law” by Jacques Maritain

“Business Ethics in Action” by Domenec Mele

“Covenanted Happiness” by Cormac Burke

Books waiting in line:

“Putting Down Roots: Fr. Joseph Muzquiz and the Growth of Opus Dei” by John Coverdale

“American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll (Lives of the Founders)” by Bradley Birzer

What books are you reading?

Friends and family

Enjoy them.