Keeping up with leadership articles, I was pointed in the direction of two.

In a Fast Company article, Bob Frisch answers Shawn Parr’s thoughts regarding culture and strategy. It is an interesting dialogue that is trying to find out what drives success.

The Hay Group found that 83% of organizations value “execution” during economic downtimes. I guess stakeholders share “Spare the rod, spoil the child” philosophy. In my experience, execution is never a good carrot, it just scares the next guy in line and fearing for your life is not as good a motivator as the desire to do your best. Ok, fine. I know, these organizations want a leader that sets a plan and acts upon it, that is what they really mean by “execution.” If this is accurate, it seems most organizations lean in the direction of strategy.

Any thoughts on culture vs. strategy? I kind of lean in the direction that it is both, like two sides of a coin.