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Not that this ought to be the only reason to have children, but just another great benefit of having little kids around is the humor and laughter brought by their living.

Today is a wonderful example of life. My oldest son usually packs his own snack for lunch. When we have them, he takes one, two, or even three snack pack type things. Jello, pudding, or fruit cups all need a spoon. As I have mentioned before, some household’s lose socks. Some lose pets. We lose spoons. We buy spoons (heavy metal spoons) every six months.

As he was climbing out of the truck, his backpack is being dragged on the seat and out of the truck. At this time, I hear the sound of metal striking against metal and the clanking is obviously a handful of spoons. I think he must have taken a spoon for each snack pack. Like any parent would, I am not scared to look into the backpack for fear I find last week’s collection of spoons that failed to get to the sink.

What does your family lose? What are some of the funny things your children have packed for school?