Way back there somewhere in my research or a friend’s recommendation, I came across a marketing genius. He is bald, wears yellow glasses, has a big nose, a distinct voice, and keen sense of knowledge. His books are not your usual advertising type stuff and they have numerous topics from creating “wow” to story-telling. He is a mixture of Malcolm Gladwell and the Grateful Dead. “Wow Jared, that doesn’t seem to go together.” Exactly, but you will remember that combo. He is intellectual and a good writer like Gladwell and has a branded following like the Dead. He writes in a behavioral sense with many live examples like Gladwell and gives his stuff away free like the Dead. He converses with audience like the Dead and he mentions things that we often take for granted like Gladwell.

His latest book went viral yesterday. It is on education. I have had time to read about a third of it and can see where it is going. I would highly recommend the time and thought to read and dialogue with it. Pass it to teachers and principals.

Think back to those days when the Napster was passing music around and it revolutionized the record industry. I grew up buying an entire CD to get one song I liked when I listened to the weekly Top 40. Now, I can buy one song from a hidden talent in South Boston that will likely never make it big but is on my MP3 player. Remember when Netflix started offering all the movie titles with no late fee? How many Blockbuster and Hollywood video actual stores do you see now? Ask national newspaper if they are selling more or less since the advent of the internet. Ask the media the same question.

These are similar ideas Godin discusses in his books. Just like the record industry, movie world, newspaper and commercial TV, education is going and will be going through a revolution. Historically, as he mentioned and as I had researched a couple of years ago, contemporary classrooms and system structure of the education system is only of the recent past and fit for the industrial age. The problem is we are not in the Industrial Period anymore. Our jobs are more creative rather than factorial. The market needs innovation, creation, product shipment, new ideas, wrong ideas, inventions, but much of education is still “how-to.”

Check it out here. In true Godin wowness and genius, he will get many people reading his book. How does he do this you ask? Well he offers it free, downloadable, and asks you to share it.