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Don’t worry, it is not a secret agent middle name you are learning. In fact, I don’t know if we ever learned of Bond’s middle name. But I bet there are a few things you might learn about Jimmy and Quintus and something they share in common.

Back in 484 a.d., a man by the name Quintus was martyred by a Vandalish king and Arian Hunneric. Martyr is a unique term and has different meanings for different religions. In the Catholic religion, a martyr is a supreme witness to the Faith. He dies so that another truth survives; his death and shedding of blood is the “seedbed of Christians” as Tertullian wrote back in the first few centuries of Catholicism. The martyr is lifted up in nearly all the world’s religions. Today is St. Quintus’ feast day. I don’t think it is a big secret, but my middle name is “Quentin” which a form of Quintus.

Around 1500 years later, a man was born on January 4th and named James Bond. He was an ornithologist, fancy word for “bird watcher,” in Jamaica and wrote a book called “Birds of the West Indies.” The author or his book must have influenced Ian Fleming who was another author. Fleming went on to write about a character that sneaks around, carries cool inventions, and drinks martinis “Shake’n, not stirred.” The protagonist of course was James Bond. The book by Bond is seen in the early parts of the movie “Die Another Day” and the character James Bond even says so:

I know those are some historical details, but it is fun to find out what your birthday has in common with ages past. Thanks mom for choosing life.