It is that human condition to re-verify. I do it often. I think I know why.

Every so often I get an email, see a facebook post, or someone comments on mistexting. Most times it is the auto-correct function that creates a hilarious scenario. I have even seen a friend from college accidently public tweet what was obvious a private message to her husband.

Hence, I re-verify. I send a little note to my wife via text and hit send. Then my mind asks, “Jared, are you sure you sent that to her or did you send it to your guy friend?” So, I immediately pull up the text and see it was sent to her. It brings to mind gratitude for all the teachers that taught us to “Double check your work” because it would be very awkward if Jimmy got a text from me that said, “Hey Goddess of All that is Beautiful, thanks for breakfast, can’t wait to see you later!” And so, I think I will continue to make sure the right person was sent the message.