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Don Jose’s

Ok, I admit, I have started eating more in line with Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. What does that mean? Well, it is not an Adkin’s extreme, but does call for sparing the grains and processed foods. That’s right, no breads, oatmeal, or rice. At least I should be staying away from them as much as possible. This week I have done well but I was tested. On Friday mornings, my typical is a breakfast taco. This morning, I went with an omelet, hey, it looks similar. Thanks to the ladies at Don Jose’s, I miss the tortilla, breakfast still was super tasty!


Over there on the other news media, yea that’s right, if you haven’t heard ( ;) ) of 95.1 KVIC, it is a station based here in Victoria. Joe and Ash discussed a guy getting rejected after he proposed to a woman via the big jumbo TV things at ball parks. They seemed to think she should have lied to him and then broken it off. I don’t think so. I think she should answer honestly. Love takes risks. What do you think?

All natural

Above and beyond all trainers, fitness coaches, diet experts, health professionals, modeling tips, there is one technique puts all these to shame. It is photoshop. Yesterday, a friend shared a link of images of before and after and the difference is unreal. Well, of course it is. It is fake. Who’s fault is this mass superficiality, especially of women? Well, it seems there is a huge market for it. But it just seems demented if you think about it. Man has so corrupted his heart by lust that he is resorting to fake images of women. As Smeagol was corrupted and changed into Gollum, modern man has corrupted and exchanges the real for an impostor, a fake. How do I react? Well, I see this lusting after such a photoshopped image just above the lust a person would have for a blow-up doll. Is there a problem with fixing a few flaws for a picture, well no. But there seems to be a threshold somewhere that basically has taken an image and distorted it into unreality. I wonder if there would be a market for advertising or a magazine that would picture only natural models. I wonder if such a magazine would be healthier for the readership because it would be real rather than someone’s unrealistic viewpoint.

Tough Mudder

My wife and I signed up for the big event at Brackenridge Recreation Complex. I am pumped. “Jared, it could be cold and miserable.” Yes, I kinda hope it is. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the glory.

New Balance Minimus

My pair came in over the holidays and they rock. Check them out here. I got the Minimus Life and as they say, it is “like barefoot, only better.”

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.