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I was in Austin yesterday and while there I picked up a biking helmet. Austin has some cool bike stores. Anyways, I went in and asked some questions on types, brands, costs, etc. The salesman was trying to explain to me the value of safety, “There are only two bike riders, those that wear safety and those that haven’t fallen yet.” What I didn’t understand was how Catholic bike store operators are because he went on in shop humor about safe sex. "You see, when serious bike couples have sex, they 'Get naked and put on the bike helmet' for safe sex", at least that is what he told me.

I told him that fits perfectly with me. I also told him that I don’t know if he knew, but that was very Catholic. And so it got me thinking on safe sex. Safe sex is not really safe and nor is it really sex. It is not safe because it is rather a false sense of security given the amount diseases that can spread even with its use. I would dare call it sex because the very act of “safe sex” is withholding sex. In all those registration forms that ask for “Sex,” most people know that an “M” or “F” go in the blank. The male, speaking with his action says, “I want you woman, but not the part that makes you feminine.” The woman, by her actions, says, “I want you man, but not the part that makes you masculine.” “Safe sex” tries to take away the woman’s natural feminine tendency to receive pregnancy and the man’s natural masculine tendency to impregnate and both their natural inclinations to unite. The last thing man and woman wants in “safe sex” is sex. Sex, by nature, unites two people totally, so what is it when you place a barrier between two instead?

And so, I learned some very good things yesterday. Bike helmets are important, have multiple uses, and bikers understand sex like the Catholic, "keep it according to its nature."