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“On the occasion of which I speak - when Pheidippides, that is, was sent on his mission by the Athenian commanders and said that he saw Pan - he reached Sparta the day after he left Athens and delivered his message to the Spartan government.” And so history via Herodotus tells us.

He didn’t actually run exactly 26.2 and Herodotus tells us it didn’t have much to do with Marathon, but the story of the Battle of Marathon is still important. Pheidippides did have a long run that took a couple of days and it appears it was from Athens to Sparta.

On a related note, the Houston marathon was this past weekend and Pheidippides, regardless of his disrelation to Marathon, would be proud of my wife. I have to write this without her permission and I am assuming the position that it is better to ask forgiveness on this one and so I will recognize her bravery, valor, courage, hard work, and months of preparation. She was rewarded for all this yesterday as she recorded a personal best in her marathon. She beat her old time by 35 minutes which means she shaved over a minute per mile from her last trial.

Congrats to my wife who is not only more beautiful than Aphrodite, but now may even be faster than Pheidippides!