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With great expectations, delightful waiting, and nine months of countdown, my youngest climbed out of the womb four years ago. It is quite amazing how such a tiny person 4.75 years ago has grown and developed into quite the rowdy youngest of three.

As last year’s post on this day pointed out, he so happened to be born on the feast of his namesake, St. Anthony of the Desert. There are plenty of nights that I wish he would take after his monkish patron. God willing Anthony becomes who he is called to be, I would bet he will be titled “St. Anthony the Chatterbox” or "of the Dessert."

He learned to talk a mere 2 or so years ago and hasn’t stopped. I think these years have been one constant voice. If his eyes are open, his mouth is saying something.

Each kid is different, unique, unrepeatable, and come designed with their own likes, dislikes, and talents. Anthony seems to be an artist as he enjoys drawing and coloring. And more than an artist, he enjoys problems. Perhaps his greatest activity is putting puzzles together. If ever there are whiny mornings and he is on my last nerve, all I have to do is pull out a puzzle and he is set for at least 30 minutes. Another lasting taste of his is chocolate. I think he lives with a chocolate mustache on his face. He is the kid that could actually eat a piece of 85% cocoa chocolate bar without disrupting his face. I couldn’t even do that.

“Yep, Anthony, you are big boy. Happy birthday.”