Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Guadalupe vs. Ohio


Last week, I was heading my way back to my truck from working out. I struck up a conversation with a guy from Ohio that recently moved here. Being that I went to school in that country, we had something in common. He surely didn’t miss the snow and cold.

Then I asked how he missed the Ohio River. We looked at each other and chuckled. We both knew and agreed the Guadalupe looks 1,000 times better than the glowingly radiated fish that swim the Ohio. I think everything in the house and the kitchen sink was thrown into that river at one time or another. What year was it that every entrance to the river had one of those yellow and black signs like this? Ok, I jest, but not really.

So, as I was making my rounds on a bike ride this weekend, I went through the park and up to downtown. I stopped at Longleaf and downed a mocha latte. It was a perfect afternoon for bike ride. While sitting out in the sun, I even met a couple that recently moved here from China. As I spoke to them, I realized how quickly I had forgotten customary greetings in different cultures. In this case, bowing was important. In other cultures, you are not supposed to turn your back and in others asking about a wife is dishonorable. It brought to mind the importance of business etiquette in a globalized market.

After the break, I headed back through the park via North Street and snapped this shot of the river. Don’t let it fool you, it may look like the same color as my latte, but it looks much better than the Ohio. And by the way, if you ever visit our duck pond, please know that those feathered two feeters are on crack, will dive bomb our ankles, and those red bubble looking things may be contagious.