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if in the first hours you were rejected from implanting in the womb by this drug?

if in the first days you had moved to your place of residence but this device removed you from your mother?

if after growing and developing for weeks and up to months, somebody forcibly removed you with this, this, or even this?

These are all very traumatic and despairing and for the men and women who have completed this action please know their is mercy, hope, and forgiveness.

Today, over 100,000 people will walk to the Supreme Court building in protest of the legalization of abortion which pits mother and father against child. They are already there.

A few years ago, prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens, was interviewed regarding this issue. I completely agree that today even science points to a fact that has been known for centuries. I cannot agree with what he does with his knowledge for he basically punts, but we were in agreement with the pro-life movement.

Here is a short clip from the 2011 campaign of the university I attended. Here is last year’s pro-life piece I wrote.