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Wow, every school year, time flies. Granted it has only been a couple of years, but I have noticed when September arrives is feels like a week later is baseball signups. It looks like my oldest is prepared to continue the Tomanek pastime.

Another thing that sometimes gets put aside is the much looked desired date night with Gorgeous. With her training schedule, my not-so-comparable training (I think she can run further and faster backward than I can forward), and juggling children’s activities like gymnastics, cub scouts, and CCD, we are left with a few nights to go out. Don’t get me wrong, it should be the highest priority on our list.

Recently, we both are trying this primal blueprint diet. With this, we have to skip the easy fast foods. On Saturday, we met my parents for Mass. As I walk in behind the family by about 30 feet due to trailing the four year old, the processional hymn is beginning. Father is about start down the aisle and I hear my smallest, “Fodder, Fodder” from the top of his voice. Of course, Father bends down and welcomes the three footer.

My parents, with our gratitude, kept the three rug rats while we went out for dinner. Friends of ours have been raving about The Pump House and we knew they would have meats (we are allowed to eat fats and protein). The place was packed. In fact, I think reservations were needed for the inside dining experience. So we were escorted to a table outside under a heater and with live music.

Our waiter, Abraham, must have been trained by Customer Service Superwoman because he went above and beyond his call of duty. In fact, he even walked us out the door when we were leaving.

What did I have to drink and eat?

Well we splurged a little. My wife and I had the house pinot noir which was very nice. Besides my wife’s delicious dinner, the appetizer of the Bloody Mary Shrimp Shooters (adults only; it is either these things come with vodka or because children should not experience something so fantastic or else they will be spoiled and won’t eat their veggies) literally tickled my taste buds. Six came on the plate, I had two; I prayed more would multiply. My entrée was the Double Pork Chops with mashed sweet potatoes. The god of the grill must have saved all his grace for the chef that crafted this piece of meat. The mashed sweet potatoes were delightful as well; I left nothing on my plate except two bones, a fork, and knife. My wife chose the Seared Salmon which was presented very well and tasted as good as it looked. We finished the evening with another rebel diet choice: dessert. Why do they do this to us? Good lookin’ had key lime and I had the tiramisu. You know how vacations are best when they are a little short? If they are too long, it drags out and becomes unpleasant. Well, I would call these desserts “Temptations” because they come in these shot glasses (maybe a little bigger) and a small spoon. Each quarter T-spoon triggers intense sensory overload, you nearly pass out from a close encounter with a theophany, and you meet your senses again with another spoonful. I think this might be my 10th argument for god's existence. It is just the right serving to have you longing for another round next time. Thanks Chef Denton and Abraham for great date night! We more than "Like" it.