Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Sebelius the High Priestess?


Arrogance is bubbling over in the Beltway. Our administration has replaced Rome as the center for Catholicism apparently. I didn’t know our State was so trained in the theological arts. I had no idea how competent the federal government was to know who is Catholic and who is not. I didn’t know that DC was now infallible when it speaks on faith and morals and from the presidential seat. I was clueless that the POTUS/Sebelius had actually received the most votes at the last papal conclave. I must have missed that day in catechism class that explained that the Deposit of Faith includes the teachings of the US administration and those crats in union with him.

It is a good thing they have decided this because I was getting confused. I thought Catholics were really supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as has been passed down in apostolic succession via written and oral tradition. I guess I missed the book, chapter, and verse that said “Ye, Washington bureaucrats, I give you the keys of the kingdom. Blessed are you when you make up your own teachings, force them on institutions and people, and march around bullying those who disagree.”

Perhaps our State ought to stick within its boundaries of protecting freedom. Perhaps the state will get out of my bedroom and stop forcing it’s sexuality on others.