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Many asked. “Dude, you know you are wearing a tutu right?” My reply, “Really? Are you serious?” Of course it was only after I tried to convince the onlooker that these were pink kilts. An so the humility experiment proceeded even before I saw women do things I will never be able to do, heard roars louder than I can bellow also from women, see no fear in the face of women you would swear were the most gentle creatures elsewise.

As a Bone Crushin’ Ballerina, I have to admit I got a lot of looks. Some say it was my arms that some mistake as deadly weapon pipes. Some say it was my tree trunk legs that squat more than your average chicken. Others say it was my core that many mistake as sculpted by angels. But I think I know what caught their attention. It was a guy shaking in the wind due to being 55 degrees, 20 mile an hour North wind, wearing shorts and short sleeves, and a pink lace tutu.

There are so many great memories made over the weekend, so many great life parallels, so many cooperative and personal achievements, so many moments of finding something extra in you to conquer an obstacle, so many warm thoughts to keep you moving, so many motivating spectators that came to cheer, so many of so many. I am sure you will be reading more posts as my mind deciphers their meaning. However, as my first post on the experience, I simply want to congratulate the team I was on. There eleven people in our group. I only knew a handful before we started. Eight were women and three were men. As a team, we met the challenge of so many obstacles that introduced me to an even greater respect for the human person and what we are capable of accomplishing. Great job Bone Crushin’ Ballerinas! I would wear a tutu any day to be on such a great team of outstanding people! Here is the team before the event started but just after we handed in our signed and initialed death waiver.