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Human persons are rational and so we can think thinks through. It is one of the infinitesimal differences that separate us from our so close primates. With a few genes different, all the difference in the world exists. And we can know this. Often times, the human person needs an image to get it. Well here is a video of a baby receiving surgery while in the womb. I can only assume he must have been very grateful because he high-fives the doctor.

All the DNA necessary that goes into making a human person is present at a specific moment in time and that split second is conception. With the technology of modern science, human embryology confirms life starts at conception.

Just like the rest of life, there are hard cases. Cases that we wish and hope we never have to encounter. Some children in the womb are known to be sick, handicapped, or disabled. Some children are growing near areas that are infected with cancer. Some mothers have pregnancy diabetes or other illnesses that make carrying a child risky. Some children have been conceived in rape or incest and are the only good that was created from such a horrible act of power. Today at the Victoria ISD Fine Arts Center (12:00-1:30), Rebecca Kiessling will speak to those gathered as one of the speakers for the Victoria College Lyceum Lecture Series. She is a family law attorney, adoptive mother, adoptee, biological mother, and was conceived in rape. Her story and words speak for others like her, those conceived in hard case scenarios.