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Not only is this week National NFP Awareness, it is also holds the feast day of Sts. Anne and Joachim.


St. Anne is the patron saint of my daughter. Her question this morning was, “When will I meet her? In heaven?” She already knew the answer because she makes the connection that something in this life points to something eternal. She recognizes, as our conversation last night on the resurrection of the body proved, that she will miss her loved ones when we die. That ache in her heart at the thought that mom and dad will one day pass on was understood like the empty stomach wanting to be filled, the desire that an earthly romance moment will last forever, a mystical experience that the soul wants to freeze frame. Something about death says “See you again soon.” That is why we visit a loved in the dying hours. It is why we visit the grave. It is why we remember the date of departing. It is why we share the stories of Grampsie and Paw-paw.


St. Anne played a very special role in salvation history. She and her husband received the special child that would fulfill the old promise that a New Eve would crush the head of the serpent, a scene depicted at Our Lady of Victory Cathedral just above the tabernacle. They would give birth to a woman that the Son of God would call “Mom.” They were the earthly grandparents of the God-Man that would sacrifice His own life so that we may live. According to tradition, the couple was older when they conceived like an earlier generational family Abraham and Sarah. We are never told if they lived long enough to see Jesus walk the earth, but I imagine they would have done exactly as all grandparents do which is claim their grandson is the best at everything, walks on water, and never does anything wrong. In this case, it is actually true. So why do grandparents have this longing for their grandchildren? Well perhaps like the ideas presented above, they recognize a deep longing for it to be real.

Thanks Sts. Anne and Joachim. Today we will celebrate.