March 3rd

Though I won’t be able to make it and couldn’t last night at the PumpHouse, Break of Reality is in town. They are a cool groove that mix the strings of the cello with the beat of percussion. Do your ears a favor and check them out. They release their new album tomorrow. It will be on my list of downloads.

Where was I last night?

Well, at home. We thought the band was going to play tonight. We had the sitter lined up, my concert clothes from Jimmy Buffet, ok, so I don’t have fins or pineapple swimsuit top. But I was really looking forward to seeing them with my wife. Next time.

Seth Godin

How far have you gotten in his free book? What do you think? He is fun huh? If you like that one, then check out his other books, “All Marketers are Liars” which I actually read for a graduate course, “Purple Cow” and “Linchpins” to name a few. They are all easy reads.

Speaking of free

Over at the other place I blog occasionally, with a niche for gen X and Y living the Catholic Faith, I will be giving away three signed copies of “Style, Sex, and Substance” by Hallie Lord. The authoress has been so kind to sign some bookplates for me. Granted, I am not exactly the desired audience given I am male, I think this lineup of ladies will be a good example of the many younger Catholics raising families and living in a culture that needs a lot of light and hope. Lord is edgy too; her youtube video for the book has been censored and the conspiracy rages here. Those Catholic women and moms push the limits of what is acceptable let me tell you. Watch out. But I did want to mentioned the contest for the free book here first.

In case you missed it

Here is a post on Father Bob’s homily last week. It was one of the best I have heard on the topic of contraception. Father better watch out, he is lining himself up for plenty of baptisms in about nine months. He didn’t get a standing ovation like Fulwiler’s parish gave up in Austin, but I was about to jump up in gratitude for his courage to speak on a timely topic. Some good things have come from the HHS mandate to force Catholics to pay for contraceptive coverage. One such lemonade cocktail is the sleeping giant that has awoken. Some of the good things that have come of this are: 100% of bishops take a stand together, almost an invitation to speak about religious freedom in the public domain, more public dialogue on the health risks of the pill; the inter-religious solidarity concerning freedom; and such a wonderful spotlight on Cardinal Dolan who I could watch give interviews all day. That man is quite funny. He is a witness of an example of something quite missing today: joy.

The POTUS reminds me of “The Prince”

Perhaps one of the most harmful poisons to a free man is Machiavelli which I learned from a conversation with Maritain this week. Machiavelli was dangerous because of his recommendation to being duplicitous. He spoke from as many two-faces he needed to stay in power. If it took lying, then lie. If it takes kissing babies to steal a lolly-pop, kiss them. Use force when needed. “Scholars often note that Machiavelli glorifies instrumentality in statebuilding - embodied by his notorious suggestion that the ‘ends justify the means.’ Violence may be necessary for the successful transfer of power and introduction of new legal institutions; force may be used to eliminate political rivals, to coerce resistant populations, and to purge previous rulers who will inevitably attempt to regain their power.” Before the HHS mandate stuff hit the national news, our President met with Cardinal Dolan at the Whitehouse. When Cardinal Dolan left the meeting, he was under the assumption that agreement had been met to allow religious exceptions and that the Catholic institutions would be allowed to practice their good works. When the announcement went public, I guess President Obama changed his mind. He must have forgotten what he agreed to with Cardinal Dolan.

Bastiat, where is he now?

Who is the modern Bastiat that speaks freedom and truth to power? That is the person I want to vote for.

Friends and family.

Enjoy them.