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Jared Tomanek Originally published March 5, 2012.

It was clear skies as upwards of under 100 people entered the Corral 1 for the third annual Victoria ALS 5K Stroll, Roll 'n' Run.

When the first woman crossed the finish line and asked what she did to run so fast, she responded, “I owe it all to my husband. We had a strategy to run the same race and confuse the competition by letting them think the Tomanek to beat was Jared. We had them baffled.”

The star’s secret weapon, Jared, was asked to comment, but he was short on words and gave a lengthy explanation. “We kept the runners guessing. At first, I started out fast with my racing partner. I kept at pace for the first 200 yards. Then in a moment to shock the rest, I started to trail behind. Nobody knew who to pace with. Some ran faster to catch my partner, some stayed behind with me seeing if I would turn on the burn. I would normally finish with my teammate as I am always waiting for her at the finish line. But this was my first race so we had to come up with a better plan.”

Well, the strategy must have worked. Reporting from the finish line, Tomanek One came in as the fastest woman of the day with a time in the mid 21 minute. Finishing strong, her three children and in-laws were anxiously waiting for the results.

Meanwhile Jared was trucking along when many started to figure the plan out. They just started passing him when they realized the turn-and-burn was a bluff. Even former students of his from St. Joseph theology had fallen for the decoy.

As Team Tomanek waited in the park grass and eating the prize hot dogs, Tomanek One was called to the winners circle. She received a first place coffee mug and when asked how she is going to celebrate with her first place prize, “With Jared as my co-teammate, I think we will split the prize by drinking our coffee from this mug. I will get the first day, he the second and so on.”

As I sat to listen to the Tomanek family enjoy their hot dogs and frito pie, the race could best be summed up by the Tomanek family daughter, “Dad, mom kicked you’re a$$.” And while her parents almost choked from those words hitting their ears, the grandmother gasped and quickly reminded her that little girls don’t talk like that.

Jared was not available for comment when asked where he thought his daughter learned such language.