Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » 10 Things you don’t hear in Victoria


  1. “I haven’t seen any pay-day loan companies around town.”

  2. Similar vein. “Does Victoria have a pawn shop?”

  3. “Want to go for a swim in the Guadalupe?”

  4. “The weather is always consistent.”

  5. “That is a nice bike lane.”

  6. “There is a blog called ‘Edith Ann?’”

  7. “Keep Victoria Just-the-way-it-is.”

  8. Sign on a door of a business, “Moved to Business 59.”

  9. News headlines: “Science lab in garage explodes: Smoke is of Methical Proportions.”

  10. “Did you read Jared’s blog today?”

Friends and Family.

Enjoy them.