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Over the weekend, we had company. Our household went from three kids to five and of course thirst was a constant issue.

I hadn’t introduced them to it yet, but I decided I would let them try Chocolate Almond Milk. A weeks back, this product was suggested to me. I was in the process of finishing Vanilla Coconut Milk for my shakes when the recommendation was made. I haven’t looked back sense, well, except for one week when this person may have bought all of the containers left at HEB. They were out; HEB seemed to have every milk known to man on hand, except my Chocolate Almond Milk.

All five of the kids loved the milk. I cannot describe it except that it is delicious, creamy like Hygeia’s when I was young, no almond taste, and thick like a semi-watered down shake. What I love about it also is that it is lactose free so my stomach doesn’t have problems with it. Now it looks like two containers per week will be mandatory which all came about through a person’s good word .

Anyways, over the past few months, I have tried many new products that were mainly through word of mouth. What are some of the best foods or beverages you have tried that someone recommended to you?