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Am I a shopping cart klepto?

Within the last six months, I have taken a stranger's basket at HEB twice. It is quite embarrassing to say the least. I get in a zone with my shopping list and I try my hardest not to look around for fear I pick up something not in my budget.

The first time this happened I was in the meat area, probably picking up a roast for the crock pot which my the way is the greatest invention after the Ronko fishing rod that a friend reminded me of Friday. So I picked up my roast, placed it in a basket, and started off to the health isle. Then bam, like out of nowhere I see someone took my basket. Only after 10 minutes of trying to find the scoundrel that wanted my cart, I made my way back to the meat market and found the scoundrel was very close, it was me. Of course, in my pride, I could only initially imagine that it was someone else's mistake. It was a good dose of humility, something I have been experiencing a lot this Lent.

Then there was yesterday. I was nearly finished with my shopping. I was in the cleaning isle grabbing some bleach. I was enjoying a conversation I could over hear between a beautiful young lady in a wheel chair, she appeared paralyzed, and her mother I assumed. I not a mako typically, but sometimes a conversation is a little to loud not to hear. I turned and placed the bleach in a basket and started on my way. Then, out of nowhere a lady says, "Hey that's my basket." I stopped, the last experience started reeling in my head, I hoped she was talking to another passerby, I looked down to see nothing I had shopped for in the cart. I turned around and apologized for the mistake. As she walks off, I hear, "You know, if I was any younger I would think you were hitting on me." From the looks of it, I would say she was in her late fifties to early sixties.

I learned some very important lessons. One, always look in your basket, in fact never walk away from it unless you have a cart leash. Second, stealing a basket can be misconstrued as a pick up line. Never accidently take a basket that is not yours unless you are prepared to explain how it was a common mistake and not some attempt to meet a cougar.