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Instead of just posting signs for your campaign, why not focus on “cell phone app directed signs”. You could just create signs for multiple uses, in multiple campaigns, that direct people to your Google or Apple App. In this way you can run for office each year and hire someone to just change your apps, not to mention it would empower you to get your message out more effectively. Once one person has received your app, they can transfer it to another person. There is even an app that would allow you to transfer your app simply by bumping phones.

A way to get people to do this is by offering advertisement space on your app to local businesses, that are willing to offer special coupons, accessible only through your app.

You get your message out, your message is more easily accessible, it becomes cost effective and more efficient each year, you promote local business, and people have more incentive to pay attention to your message.

Come one, the technology is around a year old, that is like 20 in human years; you need to keep up with technology on your own, I’m not even getting paid to help you guys.

People help me, so I help others, like Johnny Cash said to some effect, “don’t let the change of love…something, something”.

Have a nice day, and remember, “your computer and technology geek or nerd, need love too”, show some today.