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What If The Government Says Screw You?

What if we continue having an unconstitutional government, “taxation without representation”; what are you going to do about it?

Incidences like Austin come to mind, out of sheer desperation of what we all, are capable of. Any human being can be broken, only vanity and arrogance, lead us to believe otherwise. Any human being is capable of extreme violence; if they feel that their rights as Americans have been violently taken from them, by a corrupt government. Thankfully, most of us are no where near that distraught, some are however. Imagine a future where two nuclear power plants are built in Victoria, and a plane crashes into them.

I’ve experienced far more violence than many perhaps, except soldiers in combat; and while I have no weak disposition towards violence, others may not be so controlled. Some of us know soldiers, who we thought well mannered and disciplined, that have come home displaying the scars of war through irrational behavior. On one hand, the government is creating the conditions that lead to acts of violence and with the other placing us in a weaker position to deal with them properly; forcing us to take draconian measures as a last resort. It doesn’t take a sociologist with a PhD, to determine the consequence, and underlining connection.

Government wants us to believe, everything wrong in our lives is our fault, that placing blame on them is a copout; while they continue on “irresponsibly without consequence”. The government refuses to take responsibility for the conditions they have created, that led this man to desperation, “taxation without representation”. I do not condone or approve of violence, one day I will die and truly be free; while our supposed leaders will eventually answer for the lives they have destroyed through their recklessness. My sins, for the most part will end with my death; how many more lives will be destroyed under the “debt” that our politicians will leave for posterity. Their sins may never end.

Regardless of what happens, find peace in that all “accounts” will be responsibly tallied some day; the corrupt politicians of government have their “pound of flesh”, let them not take your soul too.

For those that dutifully and honorably serve, may God keep you safe and spirits high; your country owes you a great debt for the service you have or are displaying during these troubled times.