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My Puppy is mix, part German Shepherd and Lab, mostly German Shepherd. My Kitty is black and furry, beyond that I have no idea, lol.

I love my pets, since I have no children they have taken the place of what has been missing in my life. While I’ve been told that the Advocate has done a story already about the pets that have been “put down”, I’m still bringing it up.

If you desire a pet, please consider adopting one from the pound, “strays need love too”. I received my puppy free from people at a gas station that could not take care of him anymore. There are consequences to you not neutering or taking on a pet you can not care for all it’s life, “Death”. God is watching, we are suppose to be masters over all living things in this world. While we may fail many times in this regard, here is an opportunity to make a difference.

As a blogger I’ve put a call around the world to other bloggers; “Give a voice to those that are not heard and seek knowledge for those that need to know, be examples of leadership”. Dogs and Cats need a voice, and those that can take in these pets destined for execution need to know.

Adopt a pet from the pound and neuter your pets, the “price is not right”, for failing to take responsibility.