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Dustin: I received an email this evening from the VA stating that you'd posted a comment on my "wall" to the effect, and I quote from said email: "LOL you must be a filthy dirty pig to stick up for... " If there was more it has been deleted or I just can't find it, being unfamiliar as I am with the new and improved layout.

In response to what I know you wrote from the email and from what I can only imagine was the remainder I can only reply:

Yep. That's me. Gun-totin', ticket book carryin', badge wearin', tobacco spittin', ten gallon hat wearin', filthy dirty pig VPD officer. Duly sworn to protect and to serve and to uphold the laws of this fine city to the absolute best of my ability, night or day, on duty or off. I carry a 9mm Glock semi-automatic and am not afrad nor too bashful to use it. My motto is: "Shoot first. Ask questions later."

I have two judges, half the city council and one county official who shall remain nameless (aka DeMan) in my back pocket, two law firms on retainer and blackmail material on at least two others.

I do have to admit that I haven't shot or shot at anyone in a couple weeks now and my right index finger is gettin' mighty itchy.

See ya 'round town, ol' buddy.


Oh, and did I mention the three reporters I pay off every month?