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Now that I've used this new blog a few days, I can better tell you some things that need changed.

First things first though, PLEASE, for me if no one else--- add spell check to the edit list. I'm the crappiest speller EVER and need it- bad.

---The "popular and comment" tabs need to be moved! They're lost next to the "latest" tab on this page: This is important, everyone using this site comes to the Victoria Advocate to read the comments section. It should be EASIEST to find! Most aren't here to blog. They'll leave frustrated and it will hurt traffic if they can't locate the latest comments left by your users.

---I'm not sure I understand the POST LINK tab at the top of the page. If I use this page where does it post the link I create? Is it placed on my blog page or on another page for general public use?

---The user list page needs to have an "alphabet selection tab" Here's a good example at

This way, user names can be searched through. No search engine is offered on this page.

If you want to find someone named Susan you should be able to click on the letter S, located at the top of this page and return to a list of user names beginning with the letter S. As it stands now, you have to thumb through EVERY page.

---Why isn’t http://addresses accessible??? You should be able to click on the links listed by their address and automatically arrive at its page. Traffic would move through these blogs at a much faster pace, all while you’re in control, if you'd allow users to access links posted in blogs... Besides it would create outbound and inbound links to this site. Just a few suggestions of things that will help :)

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