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As for continuing to blog even more regularly than before, I attribute it to the "new-ness" of the place!

Starting a new blog is like starting a relationship. In the beginning, you get to know one another and listen to every word spoken. This commitment causes the relationship to grow and mature to the point of no return. All your ups and downs signify a significant moment of the best of what’s to come and before this honeymoon stage wears off you reach a happy medium, where your relationship becomes a part of your daily life, and you work to improve it. With any luck, you both live happily ever after in this state of content with the words spoken and actions taken from writing in your blog…

There are a few surprises along the way but that’s all a part of the relationship and it spices things up! Your relationship will wane and you will grow apart, eventually deciding that you are both better off parting ways, when this phase is over.

Clearly… I'm in the honeymoon phase. Me and this Blog exploring new things together, trying to figure out what works best for the both of us, and enjoying the other’s company. Every new post an adventure and comments exciting! - “Oh, I like the place!”

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