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Fashion Headbands

A unique collection of jewels- placed upon;to adorn- any halo or Headband.

Fashion Headbands are a popular hair accessory designed to fit around the head and worn upon it. There is a unique number of jewels designed to wear on headbands, once applied, this combination of style and design is referred to as fashion headbands.

Headbands are a universal item of clothing and gained this popularity around the 1800's. During this period, women would fashion their headbands with accessories like jewels, feathers, and wild flowers.

Headbands remained popular through-out fashion's history and the 60's embraced both female and male wearing headbands. These include; stringing flowers, scarf headbands, and were sometimes made with lavish ribbon and silk. Also, men made popular a new style during this era and began wearing their headbands lower on the forehead and close to the upper brow line.

Headbands in the 90's brought about change for the fashion industry. New styles and designs of fashion headbands began circulating the world. Designers created durable, elegant headbands after first introducing the bra-strap and sash hair bands [1]. Runways exploded with vibrant colors of headbands, fashioning them, with skyscrapers, human hair, and electricity. Gingham and plaids re-designed this era as headband fashion moved forward into the next decade.

In the mainstream, celebrities[4] started wearing fashion headbands around 2008. Designers mimicked the ancient style of past designs and began marketing them as celebrity headbands for women. These fashion headbands adorned lavish rhinestones, crystals, and diamonds. [5]. During this time, expecting Mom's fashioned headbands with sunflowers and roses and placed them around the bald head of babies. [6].

Sequin flowers, butterflies, and a collection of ringlitz [7] dazzled the industry in 2008. This new style gained popularity, after being introduced in South Texas. Women, once again, found themselves adorning headbands with glamor and glitz.

A growing list of fashion hair accessories are accepted in today's culture. Headband jewles are as popular, now, as they were then. Hair accessories have pioneered the world with trends for over two hundred years. The headband remains one of the longest-standing "re-designed" products in the history of fashion.

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