Humanity’s next great leap into consciousness should be the realization that love is a power all of its own and should be applied- no less than the power of electricity or the power of an atom. In the human life lived, we must show compassion in order to feel loved.

Examples abound are humanitarian workers risking their lives for people living the ravages of war; doctor’s giving of their talent and abilities to help those physically hurting and counselors who listen to those struggling. All of us feel loved when we are sincere and tenderly open our hearts to make a difference in someone’s life.

Most of us don’t lack compassion so much as we avoid it. We resist the feeling of being loved. But, we will learn to become compassionate towards ourselves and life, whether we want to or not. We will learn through wisdom or we will learn through pain, however, we will learn because the ultimate power of the universe is God; God is love.

Love is not just emotion; it is a higher power, a connection with God through compassion for one another…

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