If you look closely at the design of a baby inside its mother’s womb, you find that you were once a single fertilized cell.

That cell divided to become two cells, three cells, four cells and so on. And some of those cells became muscle tissue, for instance, cells formed your eyes, bones and heart. Looking even closer, in every cell you have tens of thousands of genes and vital DNA, which tells the cell how to function and re-produce life. It is said that the DNA in each cell contains enough information to fill an encyclopedia of 1,000 volumes. It determined the color of your hair, how fast you grew, the width of your smile, and countless other details about you. All of this, ‘written down’ in the DNA of one cell- created inside- the mother’s womb…

Out of all this, the most amazing part about being created, is the brain. It is made up of some 10,000,000,000 nerve cells, more than the number of people on the face of the earth. With it you can learn how to tie a knot, speak a foreign language, and bake bread and whistle. We can imagine----what our vacation will be like or how juicy fruit gum taste. We analyze and create. We also plan, appreciate, love, and relate our thoughts to the past, present, and future. The one who designed us obviously has wisdom far greater than that of any human, and even, scientist will admit this.

Talking about cells, I could go on and on, about the other “miraculous” engineering inside us used to produce life. However, I’m wondering : we know our parents did not consciously prepare the incredible genetic blueprint or this cell we’ve been talking about, so who did?

Whether or not you have yet concluded that God does exist is your choice. But after all that we've considered about life, ourselves, and creation; should it help to explain why many people believe there is a God and he does exist?

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