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Clutter is synonymous with confusion and blockage. Broken furniture can signify broken dreams, physical injuries, or breaks in communication between family members. Doors or windows that stick may represent areas of your life that are stuck!

In Feng Shui, each sector of your home corresponds to a particular part of your life. The condition of the different areas will show which aspects of your life are in good shape and which need a little extra TLC. For instance, your living room may be clean, orderly, and inviting but your study’s a “whole” other story and piled high with clutter. This means you’re probably content with your social life but having problems with your career or finances.

The objective here is to create harmony and balance in your environment. This involves applying some practical solutions to everyday problems, such as establishing covenant traffic patterns through-out your house and positioning furniture in a comfortable way. There’s nothing magical about these cures- they’re just sensible, practical ways that make life a little easier.

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