From every angle: television, movies, music, magazines, books, and advertisements from around the world say it best-- And they read: “What matters most for Women is beauty” They insist beauty- physical beauty matters…

Since the days of Eve, back in the Garden of Eden, we began believing that beauty was delicious and irresistible. Eve thought best when tempted by what she “saw” and chose this over her own self-worth. Right then and there, Eve chose to place value on appearance, over more highly- less visible qualities, such as trust and obedience. The problem in this parable is that Eve placed undue emphasis on external appearance and acted on a lie.

I spent years of my life believing that my “self worth” was based on my appearance. I didn’t look like the world said I should. For years, I believed my life had no self-worth. I developed an eating disorder (See it -eat it) which caused me to be a food addict, and I struggle in my marriage with the perception that I am not attractive, and that my husband deserves better than me. However, I’m proud to say, I’ve spent years of my life in therapy dealing with “years past” and have learned to work through and overcome the struggles that caused me to be this way.

Regardless of what potions, pills, or procedures we purchase, there’s a process taking place in our physical bodies that cannot be reversed this side of eternity. To believe otherwise is known as denial! The fact is, if we devote our time and energy into staying fit, trim, glamorous, and youthful looking, we may achieve these objectives for a while but the day will come when we will regret having neglected our “self-worth“ and our outer bodies will began to decay.

True beauty manifests itself from within. Do you know your self-worth?

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