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Don’t be guilty of sabotaging yourself because of FEAR! Often we sabotage ourselves because we are scared and don’t know the truth. We don’t know what to expect and we lose control. We fear success and we fear failure. We fear love and we fear rejection. Fear steams from our thought process and when we feel scared…we don’t “think” appropriately. Instead, we think: “why would they be testing innocent children for the swine flu” or “my government doesn’t lie.” We think: “Epidemic” and cry for help while thinking…”I’ll survive this nothing will happen to me” and “who’s gonna keep the kids if they call off school Friday while I have to work!” We think things through, so-much sometimes, we start to allow ourselves to believe what “other” people tell us and we do NOT think clearly.

We listen to their story and hear their thoughts and then we take what they think and add this to our thoughts and before you know it…we “think” we’re thinking things through! But, you’re not. This fear I’m telling you about has you buying into NEGATIVE EXPECTATIONS. There’s an old saying, “Its easier to believe a lie you’ve heard a thousand times than it is to believe a truth you’ve heard only once.” A lot of times what we believe to be the truth turns out to be a lie we’ve decided to believe. Because we believe this lie so strongly, we create a world to support it. One way to make this happen is to go through life finding evidence to support your fears. If you’re paranoid about getting the flu and constantly worry yourself with being sick, I’ll promise you, you have a lot of this in and around your life. Why, because your greatest fear has you “thinking” so.

No matter what happens in life, you have the opportunity to view it {from another angle}. If someone breaks up with you, you can choose to think about how they hurt you, how they did you wrong, how you’ll never trust anyone again, or you can focus on how great it is to be single and how much you learned from your ex-mate and how wonderful it is to be out of that relationship. There’s always a different perspective to be taken- but first you must change your perception and admit to your fear.

Changing your perception is not about lying to yourself. You can choose to see the big picture and look at the situation differently anytime you want. You can empower verses feeling scared. Filmmakers and scriptwriters know that the camera angle affects the impact of a scene differently. That’s why they write in the script: POV, standing for, point-of-view because the same scene from another angle will have a different psychological effect on the viewer.

Interestingly enough, advertising agencies and marketing schemes use scare tactics to “motivate” people and time and time again prove our perception of ourselves affects our behavior. They use our own fears against us and we buy into their lies… Sometimes our beliefs act as blinders, causing us to ignore what doesn’t support our fear- notice this- and don’t allow it to {infect} you!

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