Each of us has a special gift that yearns to be expressed but so often we put up a false front afraid of what people might say. We suppress our emotions. And, because of this, our thoughts and feelings hopelessly fade away. Naturally these things are a part of who we are. We weren't designed to lock-up feelings and keep them hid. It takes a lot of energy to be fake. This suppressed energy can cause you to feel ill, depressed, and it speeds up the aging process. Keep this up and it will wear you out!

You have energy when you live life to the fullest, acknowledge and act on your inner most desires and express them. You lose track of time, smile more often, and enjoy life more because you’re actually involved in it. Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a darling adventure or nothing at all.”

Today let your best self out and quit acting out someone else’s script! Be risky and dare to live different. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions, express your feelings and live your dreams…

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