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Image In 1867 archaeologist found on the American continent the remains of the Dawn Horse, which dated back sixty million years, to the Eocene period. This species called Eohippus evolved about a million years ago into the Equus caballus, which is the ancient ancestor to the modern horse. Then, about ten thousand years ago, horses went extinct in America. Horses vanished from the western part of the world while Middle Eastern desert people raced them and Mongolians started riding them into battle. African jungles gave them stripes and turned them into zebras. Europeans hitched them to carriages and rode them everywhere. And then, finally, horses were brought back to America when Spanish conquistadors rode them back to their original home.

At this time in history we as humans heavily rely on language as our only means of communication. But, we are still wired like our ancestors, and know things through our body. The body picks up things to describe them, first, through touch or a feeling. Seeing a shadow in a dark ally and sensing danger is a way of using our intuitive natures, no different then, feeling the wind on your face and realizing that a storm is coming. Humans today are guilty of distrusting their body's knowingness and override their intuitive "spirit" of response.

However, horses teach us a great lesson about our bodies ability to understand and know. They have a far more advanced understanding of their own feelings and naturally use their bodies to communicate. A horses first nudge might seem cute, but if your not liked, it will become more insistent as the horse lets you no it's limits. It is our cellular memory that makes us feel and think differently than what we are "told". So, whether it be the mind of a human or the mind of a horse, this memory is present in our body and soul.

Listen to the wisdom of your body by trusting your instincts and believe in what you feel.

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