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Getting men to fully own a piece of the domestic agenda around the house may be marriage's last frontier. Wives generally get appointed this position when they take their wedding vows and the job grows in size after having kids. Duties include everything from resolving the daily dilemma of what's for dinner and keeping a mental tab on which kid needs new shoes. And, most women decide which plumber to call on Saturday after the toilet has over-flowed and where the belongings of every single family member hide themselves at the end of the day. Oh, and the clincher - acting as the social director for every occasion, including get-togethers with "his" family.

Women may complain about the hoops we jump through everyday but most of us get something in return. That something...power! Since I'm the spouse who's home on a constant basis, I pay all the bills and manage the taxes even though my husbands actually better with money than I am. I used to gripe about the set-up but at some point it dawn on me that this works in my favor. If my husband kept the books I'd be on a much tighter leash. As it stands, I don't have to account for every dime I spend as long as the bills get paid and there's always money in the bank.

But the power and control that come with the role of domestic decider are precisely why it's so hard to break free. Although, we say we want men to take a little responsibility for such things, we often find fault when they do. Most men feel when they try to help out around the house they can't win. And, when they do what's been asked of them they receive criticism and chaos in return. Maybe it's true, what most women really want isn't so much a husband to take over all the domestic work around the house, but one who's better at following their orders...

Bite your tongue ladies, if you have nothing helpful to say, do the seemingly impossible and keep quiet. If you can't resist, throw in your two cents, but be prepared to take back the job you requested your husband help you with!

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